We are pleased to announce that we have introduced a a new 12 month pilot project providing an out of hours Crisis Intervention service for people who are concerned about themselves or are concerned about someone they know has expressed suicidal ideation.

The project intends to allow space and time for individuals to chat and to plan for their safekeeping until any required further interventions are made and are in place.

Access is by appointment only (on the hour) during Wednesdays between 5pm – 9pm and Sundays between 10am – 2pm. Two trained members of staff will be in attendance per session and will be able to explain what options there are available from statutory services and offer telephone access. There will be follow up phone contact made during the week by support workers. People in need of additional support will be able to quickly access our wellbeing support service during the week.

This pilot project has been funded by Live Well Kent and Police Commissioners.